Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Foster Care Tips: Traditions Ease the Struggle for Adoptive Families

Traditions are the perfect way that you can intentionally teach and maintain family values, increase bonds, and establish group identity and familial belonging. Traditions offer stability and something both to look forward to and reflect back upon throughout the years. For families who had recently acquired a new member through adoption, setting traditions is the best way to ease any awkwardness or shyness. Adoptive and foster families may find traditions are an especially helpful and meaningful way to ease some of the struggles that are common in most families. These yearly traditions can be like family member appreciation and development. Hold a Potluck Dinner At least twice a year, plan a potluck dinner with extended friends and family. Encourage your adopted and foster children to invite a friend, each! Do not take no for an answer and offer to pick up the guests if necessary.

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